The new generation sensor «ZEBRA-42(24)» (old name FM).

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Dear clients and partners!

In 2022 the company OOO Okhrannya technika has prepared a lot of new products for you. Both security sensors and related additional equipment appeared in our range. A well-proven Microwave Monostatic sensor «ZEBRA-42(24)» (old name FM) has met a deep modernization.

The new generation sensor «ZEBRA-42(24)» (old name FM) received not only external changes. The main changes affected the circuitry. The use of a new up-to-date microcontroller made it possible to improve the processing algorithm, which expanded the functionality of the sensor. The new «Antirain» function allows to reduce the impact of falling and flowing raindrops, reducing accordingly false alarms during precipitation in dozens of times.

The sensor «Antimasking» version allows to detect screening of the unit and generates an alarm notification until screening is removed. If the sensor is screened while it is off, the alarm notification is generated after it is on. The screening range is not more than 0.5 m and can be adjusted in the sensor setup program.

Parallel operation of all 4 interfaces (USB, RS-485, Bluetooth and Ethernet) has been implemented, and the RS-485 interface now supports higher information exchange rates (up to 256,000 baud).

For more information on the new sensor «ZEBRA-42(24) » (old name FM), kindly contact our Sales Assistant Managers or visit our booth C4057 at Securika Moscow 2022, which will be held from April 12 to 15, Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavilion No. 2, Hall No. 7.

To visit the exhibition for free, register on the exhibition website using the promo code of our company sec22eKYKE and receive an electronic ticket.


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